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Roohi provided exactly the kind of high-concept fundamentals that I needed to give my work structure and direction. She gave me the tools to be able to be able to think deeply and critically about my own work. As a result I am able to apply far greater critical rigor to my work. I now have the tools to make sure that my writing is working as hard as it can in pursuit of my story's development, my characters' development and the book's eventual resolution.
— Tasha Kosviner, Coaching Client
I came to Roohi with a collection of short stories that didn’t feel finished. This collection was weighing on my heart because I wanted to tell these stories on a way that would be effective, powerful and reach my target audience. After several months of working with Roohi, I have finally found my voice. She’s so good at targeting the points in my writing that need work and providing concrete solutions.
— Emily Rose, Editing & Manuscript Review Client

What's New

Do you jot down snatches of overheard conversations and pieces of dreams? Do you tear off doodles from your school notebooks, hoping to turn them into stories someday? With fun writing exercises, this workshop will help you shake off creative blocks, spark new ideas for stories and set them blazing on the page. And then help you enter your brilliance to win an exciting prize! Dates and details at: http://www.bklynlibrary.org/calendar/list?keys=roohi&sponsor=All

Are you determined to start or finish your novel in 2017 but feeling overwhelmed? This six-week in-person course in New York City will help you shake off last year’s writing doldrums by diving deep into reading two published novels with an eye to the craft questions that might be plaguing your own work. With in-depth discussions, focused assignments and in the company of a small, dedicated group, you’ll see how your favorite writers construct narrative and learn how to apply their methods to your own work.